Talent & Culture

Talent should be the most important piece of the foundation in a company. Putting the right people in the right place is essential to develop the right vision, direction, strategy and execution. The second most important part will be to retain the talent required for the future of the organization.

We are categorizing our services in 2 mains groups:

  • Talent assessment, acquisition, and onboarding
  • Talent retention with a high employee centric approach



In order to do that, you need to have an unbiased view of the situation and not analyze with emotions. We are here to help you with many tools (including Artificial Intelligence), to try to understand the personality, motivation, beliefs, and capabilities of your employees in order to put them in the optimum position.

Talent Assessment

After a series of assessments combined with 1:1 interviews and performance reports, we will categorize your employees in groups via our proven model.

We will also help you to assess the people to understand their true motivation and values. You cannot afford to have toxic people in your environment. This is part of the 1:1 interviews and employee surveys. We will also categorize your employees in 3 buckets.

Talent Acquisition & On-boarding

For new talent, we will help to define roles, responsibilities and personality/cultural fit. We will also provide some key strategic recruiting firms to aid in acquiring this type of talent to your organization.

Finally, we offer a good onboarding roadmap for new talent including checkpoints with their manager to ensure efficient onboarding.


The catalyst will start with a great leader who builds enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.

Executive Coaching / Resilience Training

Since the pandemic, a lot of companies need to set their priorities on external factors instead looking inside their company. Lots of analytical data, new and unpredictable challenges, and disruptive trends will be required to support those leaders through uncertain times via executive coaching.

Culture & Leadership Strategy

But how you can create a great culture? Culture is simply the collection of beliefs on which people build their behavior. By building a deliberate, developmental culture, it creates a growth culture instead a performance-obsessed one.

To retain talented people, you need to create a culture where the employees have a good employee experience which creates a win-win situation via fulfilling their needs and ambition in exchange for performance results for the company.

We found that there are four categories of organizational culture, each with unique traits and competitive strengths.

We will conduct an employee survey to understand the current state and align the culture with the vision,

mission, and objectives of the company as well as the market.

More than ever, organizations are understanding culture as a strategic asset and has everything to do with bottom line, now and into the future.

Culture alignment

The cultural alignment will be created by a series of habit reinforcements through presentations and exercises that follow along with weekly 1:1 coaching individually (to unleash employee potential) and also to be part of existing business group meetings. Additional supportive documentation like Ted Talks and Books can be also recommended.

Examples of habits to acquire are: Accountability, Self-discovery and Partnership, Coaching, Curiosity, Inquisitive, Stay Focus, Conviction, Bravery, Execution, Innovation, Being in Action, Consistency.

Succession Planning

It will also require developing some processes and technology support systems. We will be able to help you develop succession planning tools and processes, career development strategies, technology systems, and workplace proposals to make the environment more attractive for different generations and future talent.


Profitable growth, sustainability and greater customer experience

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